Seven heaven

i was six and he was, i had decided, a younger man….although his birthday was a day before mine, he was in kindergarten, not first grade like me. 

he sat behind me on the little school bus, and he was blonde….and cute.

i suppose my mother arranged a play date at our house- so he came home with me after school and we went to my room to play. 

soon, i cajoled him into the dark walk-in closet, a favorite hiding place when my parents fought and i was scared. the closet was a safe place. i wanted to show it to him. so, i led and he followed, until we were deep into the clothes, but not too far to see the light from the slightly opened door. 

and i kissed him. 

and i kissed him again.

and then, i heard my mother as she opened the door.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“We’re hiding from xx (my brother). i don’t want him to play with us,” i said.

my mother was upset that i’d intentionally left my brother out, so we were marched to his room, us toting Legos.

three big things happened that day: i had my first kiss (although i don’t officially count it as my first kiss, cause uh, I was SIX), and i lied to my mother for the first time….and she believed me.

all because of a boy.




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