Disney is going to kill me….

last fall, my mother had breast cancer. she told The Kid that once she was completely well, she’d start planning a trip to Disney. 

as pretty much always happens in this unusual family unit, “she” planning a trip  actually meant me. 

to be perfectly honest, I’m going on the trip and wouldn’t leave the planning to anyone else. i can be an OCD planner, and I’m damn proud of it….it’s how i’ved chaired three-day conferences that looked seamless. hell yes, it was seamless, i worked on that sucker for TWO years.

but Disney, Disney, you’re gonna do me in. we’re 90 days out and I’d guesstimate I’ve spent at least 50 hours scheduling, reserving, ordering, clarifying, canceling, and cajoling for this trip. 

here’s the scariest part: the kid is more of a finicky eater than I’d like. she’d eat chick-fil-a every day of her life, if possible (I know you reading this are all like, “well, hell yeah, I’d eat it every day, too,” but really, would you really?). 

if you haven’t been to Disney in a while, let explain why this is a problem: if staying at a resort, you can buy a dining plan….there are several, and can be the best thing ever or a really bad idea, depending on how often you eat and which restaurants are important to you. reservations are available 180 (!) days out, and seriously, you’d better be online at midnight at day -180 or you could be screwed. 

I was 178 days out and missed the top two of our choices. I haven’t given up on snagging a reservation, but I’m not holding my breath. 

Disney has no Chick-Fil-A, so the kid is going to have to make due….and I have a feeling we’ll just order pizza a few nights. 

in 30 days, I get to reserve our fast pass choices. I’ve already planned which parks we’re in on which days, due to traffic estimates. the restaurant reservations are booked accordingly; also making sure we don’t have two big meals scheduled closely together. 

the magic express is tagged for our airport pickup, and lists have been made as to what I must buy pre-trip and pack- example: moleskin for blisters; dollar-tree rain ponchos for the water rides; and costumes for a Halloween party.

90 days out, God help me. 



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