Sea World

Sea World  

 has now been added so that the kid can pet a dolphin. Because at Disney: A) she’s one day shy of the magic age of 13; B) between busses, early arrival, and the three hour ‘event,’ that’s just taking up too much of our valuable time (like six prime Disney hours); and C) I’m not paying something like $500 for this. Just, NO. Priorities, people.

Sea World should take less time to get to if we take a cab, B) I have free entrance tix thanks to another fabulous friend, and C) the actual event is less than half-price of Disney and a waaaaaaaay shorter time frame.

I have now decided to make a binder for the damn trip. I have three apps on my phone; in addition to paying for a service which is tracking down Be Our Guest reservations. I’ve started a “stuff to buy and pack vs. stuff to have delivered via a grocery service.” 

Don’t judge.

For a moment tonight, The Kid didn’t want to go in the trip. We passed The Point of No Return two weeks ago, so this news was received and mulled upon. 

I finally (coolly) said, “I understand, but you don’t mind if I go on and go, do you? After all, I’d hate for all of this fabulousness go to waste.”

She came around shortly after that, thank you, Sweet Jesus. 

After the mini-crisis was averted, Mother said, “We really should have gone to Dollywood….I’ve heard a lot of people prefer it to Disney.”

I just LOOKED at her. 

I’ve heard Dollywood’s awesome (it’s on my bucket list for the next 12 months), but umm, that would been a nice decision to make uh, 98 days ago, and counting. 


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